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National Trust Cliveden

National Trust Cliveden

Quote from Andrew Mudge Head Gardener at National Trust Cliveden Gardens

"Since we purchased the Seko Composter it has transformed the way that we deal with all our greenwaste.  We have eliminated the need for bonfires because the Seko will take all the material that's difficult to feed into a chipper, it will take a variety of materials at the same time, mixing and shredding at the same time.

Because it does such a good job of mixing and shredding all materials it speeds up the time taken to produce finished compost which in turn cuts down the number of times that the compost heaps need to be turned.

In the six months that we have had the Seko, it has been ultra reliable and has need no down time for repairs or adjustments".

Date: 03-11-11 - 03-11-11

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