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Rear Discharge Spreader

Built to a high capacity specification and capable of achieving a spread width of up to 12m (40ft), the Maelstrom West Rear Discharge Spreader units are particularly suitable for farmyard manure. With the optional hydraulic rear gate, it can also be used with poultry manure and semi-solids. The twin rear vertical rotating beaters operate at a powerful 400 rpm from the PTO drive input of 1000 rpm. For trouble free maintenance the rear beaters are fitted with replaceable blades, and feature a protected two-piece drive-line with a slip clutch and wide angle PTO. Reversing of the machine is controlled by either the manual controller or the electro/hydraulic control unit if fitted. The "Y" shape body and low loading height allows for a quick and easy fill with any material handler.The Maelstrom 8 model runs with twin 14mm bed chains and the Maelstrom 14 with twin 18mm bed chains. LED lights are fitted as standard and the Maelstrom 14 is fitted with a sprung drawbar. An optional slurry door and light protectors are available for both models. Also available as options are weighing systems and GPS spreading facilities.

Body Length: 4.530
Body Width: 1.5m
Body Height: 785mm
Level Cubic Capacity: 5.6m3
Overall Length: 7.505m
Overall Width (23.1 x 26 tyres): 2.750m
Overall Height: 2.589m
PTO Speed: 1000 rpm
Rotor Speed: 400 rpm
Slurry Door: Optional
Wheel Size: 18.4/34
Body Length: 5.300m
Body Width: 2.900m
Body Height: 1.240m
Level Cubic Capacity: 10.4m3
Overall Width: 2.900m
Overall Height: 3.120m
Weight Unladen: 6020kg
PTO Speed: 1000 rpm
Rotor Speed: 400 rpm
Slurry Door: Optional
Wheel Size: 580/70 R38
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